Days and nights

I thought that this video is a good introduction to my new blog.

I would like to show a bit of this country’s culture and habits through my perspective.

Finland was hard to adopt for a French person like me who sees things so differently. There is the obvious like this video where you can clearly notice how the weather is so peculiar in this land, and there is the hidden part of the iceberg…


Cette vidéo est pour moi une bonne introduction à mon nouveau blog. Je souhaite montrer un peu des habitudes et de la culture de ce pays, la Finlande, à travers ma perspective en tant que Française vivant à l’étranger.

Il y a la différence évidente que l’on peut voir au premier coup d’oeil comme par exemple dans cette vidéo. Et puis il y a la partie cachée de l’iceberg…


4 thoughts on “Days and nights

  1. Awesome video!! I guess it has been recorded further north than Helsinki. I really like your blog I am looking forward to reading new articles!

  2. Nice and interesting blog!

    Old post, but nevertheless: “Awesome video!! I guess it has been recorded further north than Helsinki.”

    In fact that video was shot in Helsinki or near Helsinki, in south Finland. In north, for example in Lapland the difference between summer and winter is more extreme than in the video (=during summer the sun doesn’t set, and during winter sun doesn’t rise). If you want to know more, you can google “Midnight sun” (but well, doesnt that tell everytyhing?) 🙂

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