Weird stuff Finns do

Photo by Jussi Hellsten Only in Finland.. 1. Do you consider a supermarket as a natural place for government run slot machines & for gambling 2. Do you have the bus overtaken by an old man bicycling in the snow. 3. Do you find alcohol beverages from separate stores called Alko. 4. Can anybody check the credit history of anyone else. 5. Do […]

Do’s and Don’ts of Finnish invitation Etiquette

Statue of the frozen student by Jekurantodistaja Probably one of the main difficulties I have faced when moving to Finland was to make friends. What I noticed mainly is that men are extremely shy generally speaking and not so talkative. Women, on the other hand, are usually more social but it is also difficult to break into […]

Sauna Suomessa

Photo by Visit Finland Sauna is a religion in Finland. Finns usually have a sauna at home, at work, at the sport gym and/or at mökki. It is the place where Finnish men actually have conversation. It’s the time to share a beer or two, naked, with your boss, colleagues, family or friends & grill a […]


Photo: From “visit Finland” Finnish Christmas pastries. Now is the season for the little Christmas parties (pikkujoulu in Finnish). It is the time of the year when Finns celebrate Christmas with their colleagues. The company rents usually a fancy place for the event and everyone puts efforts into their outfits. Guys wear suits & girls […]

Sleeping beauty

Click on the foto to find the author. Recently I have read an article in Le Monde (entitled “sommes nous vraiment faits pour dormir ensemble?“) and that made me think of the first time I moved with my Finnish boyfriend and changed all his Finns habits to my French ones. Because yes, even the way […]