What does the world’s oldest champagne taste like ?

Christian Ekström historical discovery Christian Ekström, Stallhagen Slow beer owner, revealed us in confidence, the secret of his extraordinary discovery. Professional diver, he had found during one of his expeditions in deep Baltic Sea an old shipwreck which had sank 183 years ago. The ship dated back from 1820 and had a full cargo of perfectly […]

Åland Slow beer – Stallhagen Pub

Stallhagen pub entrance Stallhagen beer chandellier Stallhagen beer tasting  – Golby Stallhagen slow beer tasting  – Golby Spending vacation in Åland (Ahvenanmaa in Finnish), we randomly decided to visit a brewery in Godby called Stallhagen. The owner of the pub, Christian Ekström, gave us a tour of his “hand made” beer factory explaining the different steps […]